Job Creation

Job Creation

Daw Suu has requested her Foundation make job creation a priority activity over the next two years. She has asked us to create new opportunities in traditional crafts, where we will develop the skills that are needed to grow export-focused industries, and for these to be founded upon the highest standards of labour law and environmental sustainability.

We are exploring opportunities across a range of different sectors at this time, including woodwork, lacquer, silk weaving and gems. We are looking to create opportunities for new work in Myanmar that have a particular relevance for those often excluded from employment, included women with children and those with disabilities.

We are working with a range of partners to deliver ambitious projects, starting with our work with the Turquoise Mountain Foundation to re-discover the skills of Myanmar’s goldsmiths and jewellery makers. A range of jewellery imagined by designer Pippa Small that captures traditional motifs in a modern design has been launched in London, and is being crafted now in Myanmar.

We will be adding more job creation initiatives to our programme over the coming months, including projects to support Myanmar weavers, gem polishers and the recycling industry.

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